Top 10 Master’s in Public Health Degree Online 2018

Your master’s in public health degree online can enhance your career, preparing you for new job opportunities and the potential to impact your community and world for good. Public health influences each and every individual, and you can earn your degree to begin impacting and educating your community. According to the American Public Health Association, public health “promotes and protects the health of people and the communities where they live, learn, work and play.” There are five consistently recognized core disciplines in public health; epidemiology, biostatistics, health services administration, environmental health, and behavior science. An online master’s in public health degree can give you the opportunity to work with health policy, disease prevention, and community education in a variety of formats.

Schools with the Top Online MPH Programs

  • #1 – University of North Texas Health Science Center
  • #2 – University of Alabama at Birmingham
  • #3 – University of Nebraska Medical Center
  • #4 – University of Southern Florida
  • #5 – University of Minnesota Twin Cities
  • #6 – University of Florida
  • #7 – East Tennessee State University
  • #8 – Loma Linda University
  • #9 – University of Arizona
  • #10 – George Washington University

Because of online education, earning an MPH has become attainable for students working full-time and needing a flexible schedule. Online students typically choose to pursue a degree in order to advance their career and future, but sacrificing working full-time or commuting to a university is not for everyone. Here you will find a list of 10 online master’s in public health programs that can help you reach your potential in the public health world. These ten online MPH programs were chosen and ranked based on their credibility, affordability and flexibility. These 10 schools each have an MPH online program that can help you reach your potential in public health. These schools offer affordable and part-time options to earn your master’s in public health. All of these online programs are CEPH (Council on Education for Public Health) accredited.

Each of these schools offers students an opportunity to pursue further education at a credible and affordable school in a flexible format. All tuition rates are from the College Navigator website; prospective students should consider that schools may change tuition rates and should talk with a school representative regarding future tuition rates. The tuition rates posted are the average graduate student tuition for an academic year posted by College Navigator.

To find out more information about the schools you are interested in, click on the links below the schools’ tuition rates to learn more. The online format allows students in different life stages, financial situations and countries to have the opportunity to advance their career by earning a higher degree. Each program is unique, and one of these schools could be the right choice for you.

Methodology for Ranking the Top 10 Online Master’s in Public Health Programs

The College Navigator website was used to develop the initial pool of schools to be ranked (130). The schools were subject to three initial criteria to remain in the pool. Schools had to be CEPH-certified to be kept in the pool, had to cost less than $40,000 in annual tuition,  and had to be recognized by U.S. News, leaving 19 schools. The final schools that qualified for the top ten are ranked on a point system based on tuition, website quality, and concentrations available. The final rankings are as follows.

10. George Washington University

Online Master of Public Health

The MPH online at GW has a strong reputation in the field.

Tuition $28,880


George Washington University’s online master’s in public health program is recognized among numerous other rankings because of its flexibility and strong reputation. This MPH program offers you an online degree with no in-class requirements as well as part-time options. Getting your MPH at GW allows you to choose a focus area to direct your interests in public health. The program offers five focus areas to enhance your impact in public health. You can choose from environmental and occupation health, global health, health communication, health policy or program planning and evaluation. Not only does this MPH program offer you a high level of education in an affordable and flexible format, but it also provides you with resources on their website to help you find your place in public health. The career options on their website discuss opportunities that correlate with each specialty, helping you understand which option is best for you.

9. University of Arizona

Online MPH

An internship in the local community is a requirement for this online master’s in public health.

Tuition in state $11,372
Tuition out of state $31,124


The University of Arizona offers a complete online master’s in public health degree that is intended for students who are working. This program offers students three areas of concentration to choose from: applied epidemiology, health services administration and health promotion. University of Arizona MPH program requires students to participate in an internship in their local community. This program understands the value of public health and the life-saving power it can have for people. New jobs in public health occupations are expected, and this program can help students be prepared. The University of Arizona wants students to be passionate and ambitious as students and faculty work together to solve problems through public health. Faculty are involved in research supported by the CDC, HRSA and NIH. Students will learn from accomplished faculty with a variety of backgrounds.

8. Loma Linda University

MPH Online

Loma Linda offers an MPH online from a faith-based approach.

Tuition: $24,960


Loma Linda University offers students the opportunity to advance their education by earning a master of public health online. This program provides students with the fundamentals of public health as well as three different concentrations to choose from. Students concentrating their education provides them with further courses and insight into whichever specialty is the right fit. Loma Linda offers several to choose from: lifestyle management, health education, and population medicine. This program requires students to complete a practicum as part of the curriculum, which involves 400 hours in a public health setting. This practicum allows students the opportunity to integrate what was learned through class into a public health setting as well as learn from a hands-on experience. Loma Linda University clearly identifies a mission of hope, health, and healing and core values of diversity, wholeness and engagement. This university implements their mission from a faith-based perspective.

7. East Tennessee State University

Online MPH

Consider the different specializations available for the MPH online at East Tennessee.

Tuition in state $7,992
Tuition out of state $22,248


East Tennessee State University offers students three different online master in public health concentrations to pursue. Students can specialize in community health, epidemiology or health services administration. Students can accomplish their MPH part-time with up to 6 years to complete the program. ETSU clearly communicates their vision, mission and core values on their website. Some of their goals are to provide exceptional education to students, advance science and incorporate their core values. The ETSU website offers students financial aid information, including scholarships that students may qualify for. Students in this online MPH program will participate in a culminating field experience to gain practical experience. Students who have public health experience of four years or more may be eligible for unique learning opportunities that enhance what the student has already accomplished in their profession.

6. University of Florida

Master of Public Health Online

University of Florida’s master of public health online has an attractive in-state tuition rate.

Tuition in state $10,770
Tuition out of state $27,335


The University of Florida offers students an online masters in public health program. This 48 credit program offers students two areas of concentration: public health practice and social and behavioral sciences. Integrating the five key areas of public health in courses, electives, and internships all prepare students for their career in public health. Students will complete an internship program, typically the final semester, for five credits. This internship will vary depending on the student and the public health concentration the student is pursuing. The program offers students with a health-based doctorate degree a 42-credit MPH option. This MPH program seeks to help students become competent in public health skills.

5. University of Minnesota Twin Cities

Online Master of Public Health in Maternal and Child Health

This online MPH at U of M is great for students with a few years of experience in the field.

Tuition in state $6,240
Tuition out of state $25,120


The University of Minnesota offers students a fully online master’s in public health with a concentration in maternal and child health. This program is for students who have a three years of professional experience or already have a graduate degree. Students have flexility with this program. They can complete it in two years full-time, either completely online or in a hybrid format. Financial aid is available for students. The website has FASFA information as well as a list of scholarships that students can pursue. While this program appears more specified because of the mother/child focus, graduates from this program work in a variety of fields. Prospective students can read more about what UMN MPH graduates are doing on the website. UNM explains that students in this program will focus on public health skills as well as maternal and child health. These skills and content involve program development, advocacy, family systems, and social disparities. This program is unique for students in pursuit of maternal, child and family public health, but these areas of public health include so many others sub-disciplines. To read more, go to the website.

4. University of Southern Florida

Online MPH

USF offers an MPH online with a number of concentrations.

Tuition in state $8,350
Tuition out of state $19,048


University of Southern Florida offers an online master’s in public health with a clear mission of excellence. USF prioritizes education, leadership, advocacy, research, and service in an effort to improve humankind’s health and well-being. USF seeks to innovate and impact public health on multiple levels. Students can choose from six different public health specialities to develop a clear career path. Concentration options include epidemiology, public health practice, infection control, social marketing, nutrition and dietetics, and global disaster management/humanitarian relief and homeland security. USF College of Public Health is a leader in online education and can prepare graduate students for advancements in career and an ability to impact public health.

3. University of Nebraska Medical Center

Master of Public Health Online

Check out the in-state tuition for U of N’s MPH online.

Tuition in state $7,911
Tuition out of state $22,950


The University of Nebraska Medical Center is proud to offer students a fully online MPH program. Students can choose from three different specialties: biostatistics, environmental and occupation health, and public health practice. This program is 45 credits and reports a strong emphasis on prevention, scientific knowledge base, working with other professionals as well as social justice. These areas of focus, core courses, and concentrations will help students prepare for the public health field. The seven core courses are clearly described and emphasized in the public health description page. This program offers students guidance and information regarding financial aid and scholarships. The College of Public Health at UNMC is educating with a clearly articulated mission, vision, and values to train students who can actively contribute to the public health field.

2. University of Alabama at Birmingham

MPH Online

Dual-degree options are an interesting feature of this MPH online at UAB.

Tuition in state $7,588
Tuition out of state $17,294


The University of Alabama at Birmingham offers an entirely online master’s in public health program with several different options for students to concentrate their studies. This program is geared towards helping students develop skills in order to address public health issues. Not only does UAB have research opportunities for students who wish to get more our of their educational experience, but students can also earn an additional degree because of the dual degree programs (may not all be online opportunities). The 19 dual degree programs reflect the priority and understanding of UAB that public health is a collaborative career field. UAB understands that financing a graduate degree is an investment and that students may require financial support. They offer helpful scholarship information for students to find affordable ways to finance their education.

1. University of North Texas Health Science Center

Master of Public Health Online

UNT offers our top-ranking online MPH.

Tuition in state $4,729
Tuition out of state $16,995


The University of North Texas offers students an exceptional and affordable option for their online master’s in public health degree. Prospective students for this program must have three or more years of work experience in a health profession, have an advanced degree, or be enrolled in a master’s or doctoral program. Students in the master of public health online program will have the option to focus studies in global health or geographic information systems and therefore be qualified for a graduate certificate in addition to the MPH. The program is 48 credits total, and courses are 8 weeks long. Part-time students are recommended to take one course per 8-week increment. Online students have access to financial aid, library, career services, and academic services. The program prioritizes students’ ability to recognize the pieces that affect public health, ability to lead and develop social policies and be trained in the disciplines of public health. Students will participate in a practicum experience which is approximately 200 hours. Students who have three years of work experience in the health professions and hold a master’s degree may be eligible for the professional option MPH online program, which is 42 credits.

Tips and Questions

What kind of jobs will I be eligible for with my master’s in public health?

Considering the five core disciplines of public health (epidemiology, biostatistics, health services administration, environmental health, and behavior science), you can get an idea of what career options will be available to you. Earning your degree may make you eligible to educate, work in epidemiology, health policy, or a variety of other areas. Deciding on the speciality that interests you the most will help direct your career decisions.

What program will be used for my online classes?

Online programs can use a variety of formats. Two common ones are Canvas and Blackboard. Look on the school’s website or reach out to a representative to find out more information.

What is the application process like?

Each program has different standards for applicants. Often times schools do require a GRE or MCAT score, letters of recommendation, resume or work experience, and each schools is unique as to what the requirements are.

How will I pay for this?

Financial aid may be available to you as a student. Typically, schools offer students information regarding financial aid and how to pay for the program. Some schools will list out scholarships and financial aid information, while others may be limited in the resources available to students. If you are employed, you may have access to scholarships through your employer. And don’t forget about student benefits at local stores.

How will this program fit into my life?

With careful planning, communication, and reading the syllabus, an online master’s in public health is doable. This is achievable but it does take sacrifice. Courses will typically provide a syllabus for students to plan ahead and work at a pace to still meet other life priorities. Time management, discipline and focus will help students to accomplish the courses successfully.

One of these unique schools and programs might be for you. Find out more information at the school’s website. Completing an online masters in public health program can advance your career and give you the tools to educate and impact the health and well-being of your neighbors, community and the world.

Erin Padden
November 2017

This completes our ranking of the top 10 online master’s in public health for 2018.