What’s the Best Focus for Your Public Health Career?

What's the Best Focus For Your Public Health Career?

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What’s the Best Focus For Your Public Health Career?

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What drew you to public health?

(A) I’m fascinated with the inner workings of the health care system.
(B) I want to share my passion for nutrition and fitness with others.
(C) I love science, particularly as it pertains to health and medicine.
(D) I regularly see ways our health care system could be better and I want to be a part of the change.
(A) Are you more comfortable surrounded by books or surrounded by people?
(a) Bookworm (connect to end point 1)
(b) People person (connect to end point 3)
(B) When you see a problem, do you prefer to make a change from the top with new policies and better organization, or from the bottom by helping one family at a time?
(c) From the top (connect to A)
(d) From the bottom (connect to end point 4)
(C) When you’re trying to learn more, would you rather interview the source or hit the lab?
(e) Interview the source (see e below)
(f) I’m in the lab (connect to end point 2)
(e) In a large group are you the leader or in among the people?
(E) I keep things organized and lead the way (connect to end point 3)
(F) I’m down in the thick of it (connect to end point 4)
(D) Are you more interested in law or medicine?
(G) Law (connect to end point 1)
(H) Medicine (connect to C)
(1) You’re suited for a Masters in Public Health with a focus on Public Health Policy
Health policies and laws fascinate you. You’re always thinking of new ways that public and private programs could improve the health of everyday citizens. A career working with healthcare policies is ideal for you. [1]
Potential jobs may include:
Management Policy Advisor
Policy Consultant
Director of Strategic Planning

(2) You’re suited for a Masters in Public Health with a focus on Research
You’re happiest when you’re presented with a mystery and left to put the pieces together. The emergence of drug-resistant diseases is creating a need for skilled epidemiologists and other research professionals who can help discover new and innovative ways to protect public health. [4]
Potential jobs may include:
Infection Preventionist

(3) You’re suited for a Masters in Public Health with a focus on Administration and Management
You’re a natural leader and you find it easy to keep things organized and delegate appropriately. You’re also a people person with great interpersonal skills that will help you maintain a good rapport with your team. You’ll do well in a management or administrative position. [2]
Potential jobs may include:
Healthcare Administrator
Medical Office Manager
Director of Patient Admissions

(4) You’re suited for a Masters in Public Health with a focus on Community Education
You love working with people to help them improve their lives. You’re always striving to eat healthy, stay fit, and take care of yourself and you want to help others do the same. Focusing on safety and prevention, you’re ideally suited for a job in community education. [3]
Potential jobs may include:
Community Health Educator
Emergency Watch Commander


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