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Did you know?

Some interesting facts about public health:
• As the field continues to work towards preserving our antibiotics, reducing deaths from overdose, tackling the obesity epidemic, eradicating diseases, and increasing our safety from global warming, there are more than 12,000 public health experts employed by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention alone.

• According to Forbes magazine, public health is currently the sixth best master’s degree for jobs in today’s current market with a projected employment increase at 30.5% over the next decade.

• For graduates who have earned a Master of Public Health (MPH), the mid-career median salary is reported as $84,100 with the potential to earn considerably more. On average, industrial hygienists make up to $114,000, federal environmentalists earn up to $107,000, and public health information officers bring home up to $91,800 each year.

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